What a time to be alive!

There’s so much to tell you about all the new things we’re doing to help our clients take over the world!
There are new people, new services, a new office, new partnerships, and a new website on the way.
Find out more below.


The Melvær&Co
you know and love

Amid all the change, one thing stays the same: M&Co’s promise to deliver the creative, engaging – and award-winning – brand designs and advertising campaigns we’re known for… and do it in the same professional, down-to-earth way our clients love.


To ensure we remain at forefront of creative thinking, technology, and execution, we’re bringing in awesome new international talent. They’re joining us from London, China – and everywhere in between! – to create amazing work for our clients.


Meet SmplCo:
your Innovation Partner

We created SmplCo to help entrepreneurs and innovators turn amazing digital ideas into world-beating products and services.


Together with a team of international innovators, we have redesigned the way digital platforms, products, and services are conceived, designed, and created.
Our unique combination of business experience (including one founder who built a $3bn tech unicorn!), technical expertise, and creative passion means we can help you bring your idea to life more efficiently and effectively than anyone else.


Meet Studio Blunt:
the antidote to brand overload

Say hello to our brand-new brand studio, led by three of Norway’s top designers – including Melvær’s very own Eli Kleppe. We also very welcome back the amazing talents of our old collaborators, Bernt Henrik Kommedal and Frode Skaren.


In a world where customers are drowning in options, offers, and ‘opportunities’, Studio Blunt will help you rise above the noise and command their attention, using remarkable brand and design strategies. Together we will shape an identity for your company, products, or services, which creates emotional, enduring, and profitable connections to your audiences.


Melvær Movers & Shakers

Please welcome our new leadership and team members, who will help you supercharge your business.

Linda Voll

Linda takes the reins as our new Head of Agency. She has over twenty years of experience in strategic brand building, creative design, and advertising – and is already well-known to our clients.

Michael Millar

London-based Michael is a former BBC presenter, political lobbyist, and global comms director who brings our clients deep experience of international brand and communications strategy.

Bernt Henrik Kommedal

Bernt Henrik Kommedal, co-founder of Studio Blunt, with a decade of brand crafting experience. Award-winning, strategic, and pragmatic, he bridges branding traditions with the digital era.

Magnus Petterson

An accomplished digital designer with experience in many fields such as Art-Direction, UI/UX, and Motion Design. He has worked many years abroad, including agencies in London and Düsseldorf.

Tore Tuen

Multidisciplinary creative designer who is a master of everything from UX to Motion Design. He has worked with clients across Europe to create powerful, valuable and profitable brand experiences.

Jingjing Li

UX/UI designer who uses her background in business information systems and software engineering to create intuitive, on-brand products through data analysis and problem-solving.

Come visit. We’d love to see you!


The Melvær&Co office is a place to bring colleagues and clients together, and do amazing things to achieve your goals. It’s here we build the most meaningful and productive relationships… something sorely needed in this digital age. Located in the heart of Stavanger’s creative district, our home is a place where we can engage with our local community, collaborate with local businesses, and discover new talent.


And – excitingly – we now have the space to embed clients with us, so you can immerse yourself in your project and work more closely than ever with our team.


What you need, wherever you need it

At Melvær&Co we want to deliver our clients’ ambitions, whatever and wherever they may be. That means having access to all the people, skills, and locations our clients need to seize their opportunities.


So, we’re excited to announce that we’ve joined CommUnity International, an alliance of fantastic – and independent – agencies, covering 42 markets.


This gives us access to an incredible pool of talent and means we can deliver your ambitions, no matter how grand they may be!